Benefits of Membership

It is NAOMHO’s mission to promote the rights and interests of manufactured homeowners by serving as an industry advocate and informational resource for members. If you’re ready for educational opportunities, pursuing advocacy initiatives, and more regarding the ownership of manufactured homes, join NAOMHO today!

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Please make checks payable to: NAOMHO

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Here are a few ways we can help you:

1) Stay Informed – Expand your knowledge of industry news, trends, and rights of manufactured homeowners.

  • Take advantage of blog updates for the latest industry trends.
  • Receive updates and the latest industry news with our News from NAOMHO e-newsletter.
  • Gain beneficial knowledge and instructional information through educational programs on topics related to the purchase and ownership of manufactured homes.

2) Be Prepared – Stay up-to-date on various industry related initiatives.

  • Be the first to know of advocacy initiatives specific to the interests of manufactured homeowners.
  • Learn and protect your rights as an owner of a manufactured home.

3) Get Connected – Connect with industry professionals, members, and resources both online and in-person.

  • Participate in various networking events.
  • Attend annual meeting.
  • Easily find helpful information and resources through an interactive website.

Membership Requirements

  • Membership is open to any individual or organization with an interest in the promotion of the rights and specific interests of owners of manufactured homes.
  • Membership is contingent upon the completion and submission of the membership application below and payment of dues.
  • $10/ Lifetime Membership