Rescheduled Annual Members Meeting from November 1,2018.
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(Posted 01/17/2019)

Notice is hereby given that the NAOMHO Members Meeting will be held on the 28th day of February 2019, at Three o’clock (3:00) P.M., at NAOMHO Headquarters, 13901 Sutton Park Drive South, Suite 300, Jacksonville, Florida, 32224. Such meeting is Annual meeting rescheduled from fourth quarter. NAOMHO Members are invited to attend.

Agenda items may occur in any order. The agenda for this meeting and the subjects to be discussed or considered up upon which any formal action might be taken are as follows:

Meeting Agenda
02/28/2019, 3:00 PM EST

Type of Meeting: Annual Members & Board Members Meeting

Meeting Location: NAOMHO, 13901 Sutton Park Dr. S., Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL, 32224

Invitees: NAOMHO Members and Board of Directors

I. Call to order
II. Roll call
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
IV. Open issues
a) Recap of Best Buddies donation
b) Member newsletter content
V. New business
a) Election of board members
b) Formation of educational scholarship committee
VI. Adjournment

Notice Submitted by Nikki Trembath, Treasurer


Download the meeting agenda:  NAOMHO Annual Members Meeting Agenda 02-28-2019


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