Sometimes, decorating for every season can be a pretty big chore! Especially around the holidays, life can really get in the way and make it seem like the last thing you will ever get to is decorating. The solution is to incorporate transitional decorations! These decorations can make your life easier by allowing you to swap decorations in and out of them without having to completely take them down, wrap them up, and put them away. We put together a guide on three must-have transitional decorations, and what you can do with them for your manufactured home!

Baskets and Vases

Baskets are a key staple in a home, but what most do not know, is that they are also the perfect transitional decoration. Baskets can, of course, be used to store seasonal blankets and wraps, but they are also perfect for decorations. Put a little mistletoe or holly in for the holiday season, and this basket will fit right in with the winter decor. For homes that have fireplaces, a basket with firewood can even be the perfect rustic touch to make your home feel like a nice, warm cabin. Ad a holiday touch to your firewood basket by tying a red festive bow on the handle. 

If you love flowers, you are sure to have a few vases laying around the house. If you do not love flowers, you may not! Either way – a vase is a key transitional decor piece that every home should have. If the upkeep of flowers is too much for you, stick in a faux arrangement perfect with seasonal colors to give a seasonal feel for weeks on end! If you prefer real flowers, get a seasonal arrangement and place your simple vase in direct eyesight. Whether your vase is holding sunflowers for summer or frosty greenery for the winter, it will be sure to fit right in. 

Cake Stands and Trays

Most people may not think of cake stands as a decorative piece, or for anything other than holding dessert, but the opposite is true! Cake stands can be a wonderful table centerpiece decorated with fall foliage or glistening Christmas trees, but they can also be used for any kind of decoration that you want just a slightly bit elevated! A simple white cake tray will immediately highlight the decoration, and swapping them out for the season is easy as pie…or cake!

Trays are another kitchen utensil that doubles as the perfect transitional table decoration. Placing a tray in a living room with a pop of color for the fall can make it instantly feel like a fall paradise! Placing pumpkins or leaves will draw attention to the season, and when it’s time to get ready for winter, swap out those pumpkins for snowglobes or a holiday candle set. Trays have the ability to be placed anywhere, making them wonderfully versatile. 

Letter Boards

Letter boards are a newly popular staple in modern homes! Letter boards are a wonderful transitional decorating piece because the message can be changed for every season! Whether it is being used for seasonal puns or holiday-themed messages, this piece is a very simple decoration that can elevate a room. More than that, it is something that everyone can get involved in at any time! Friends can change messages when they visit, or kids can get in on deciding the perfect message for every season or holiday!

Head into every season with a perfectly placed transitional decoration that you can give the perfect seasonal touch! No more having to completely redecorate any time the seasons change. Having the right transformational pieces makes decorating for the seasons easy-peasy. 

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