Tips for Move In Day


Moving can be stressful. There is the weight of trying to fit everything into the right box, trying to put everything in the right place in your new home, and hoping nothing gets broken in the process. While it may seem scary and overwhelming, we have put together a handy guide on move in day into a manufactured home with tips that will make the process a breeze.

Review Community Rules

Every planned community has its own rules! Knowing these rules ahead of time can be the difference between a long and arduous day and a day that feels unbelievably simple. If a moving company is being used to make the big move, there’s specific questions that should be answered prior to trying to move in. Some communities may require that the moving company information is given to the community management ahead of time, or there may be restrictions on size, weight, or the times that they can be there. Other important questions may be asking about where the moving vehicle can be parked! If moving day is going to be a friend-assisted activity, it may be helpful to ask, if applicable to your community, where your friends should leave their vehicle to create the least amount of hassle. 

Getting to know community management before the big move-in day is not a bad thing! It allows for a relationship to be facilitated in the right way, with everything out in the open and no risk of move-in day faux pas. 

Schedule Utilities

Sometimes, so much attention is put on the act of moving that some of the finer details get lost along the way. One thing that’s commonly forgotten, is scheduling utilities! In all of the chaos of getting in and trying to make the move go as smooth as possible, having the utilities scheduled to be turned on the morning of the move, or even the day before, can make the move go so much smoother.


The first step to planning is making sure that a layout is created. Having a rough idea of where all boxes need to be placed and where furniture should go is incredibly important! Knowing where to place incoming boxes will take some of the weight off of you, as you’ll already have delegated exactly where things need to go and won’t need to stop every few minutes to tell a mover or friend where they need to go.

Separate Essentials

Though it may seem like the moving process will only take a day, unpacking will take longer! Separating the essentials from everything else can make the days after a move go much easier. With essentials such as bathroom necessities, pots, pans, work clothes and other work items separated from the rest of the boxes, they will be much easier to track down and ensure that the next morning’s getting ready for work ritual goes off without a hitch. 

Pack an Overnight Bag

Along with separating the essentials, it is important to pack an overnight bag! Even though packing the essentials should make the next morning a breeze, packing an overnight bag with everything that may be immediately needed is a fantastic way to ensure that after a long day of moving, everything needed for a relaxing shower and nighttime routine is within easy reach. 

Donate and Recycle

Whether you’re moving from an apartment to a manufactured home, or from one manufactured home to another, clutter is always going to be something to think about! Accruing more belongings the longer you live somewhere is something that almost can’t be avoided. What can be avoided is taking it from one home to another! Decluttering and getting rid of items that may not fit or be needed anymore is the perfect way to limit some extra boxes on move-in day, and donating or recycling the items can ensure that they benefit others. 

Sometimes it may feel that no matter what you do, moving will be a hassle! However, it doesn’t have to be. With these quick and easy move in day tips, we wish you a stress free moving process and happiness in your new home.

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